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Changing Font Family, What Style Are My Fonts Being Stored?

I have some font styles defined in CSS, and I am using some Javascript to change them after the document is loaded. This works for all four (a, b, i, and s) and all of them use the exact same weight, style, and font face.
The Javascript looks like this:
if (context.style.backgroundColor == '#1a77ae') {
context.style.backgroundColor = '#4c1e9a';
context.style.fontFamily = 'georgia';

if (context.style.color == '#ffffff') {
context.style.color = '#ffffff';
context.style.fontFamily = 'arial';

if (context.style.fontWeight == '200') {
context.style.fontWeight = '700';
context.style.fontFamily = 'arial';

if (context.style.fontSize == '24px') {
context.style.fontSize = '60px';
context.style.fontFamily = 'georgia';

But when I load the document, the only font I

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Making a button perform a javascript function in a specific page after being pressed

I'd like to perform a javascript function after a button is pressed in a specific page.
The javascript function should have its own code inside a JavaScript file so that it can be used in different pages.
Thanks for your help


On the page that needs to call the function, do this:

function callYourFunction() {


And on the page that calls the function, you could do something like this:
function callYourFunction() {
var elems = document.getElementsByTagName('*');

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